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The roots of the hemp plant can also be used to clean contaminated soil, a process known as phytoremediation. As hemp is a very robust plant, it is able to grow where other plants cannot, and the roots are able to absorb toxins. Therefore, by planting hemp crops in areas with poor, toxic soil, the soil can be effectively cleaned.

First, technically the marijuana plant could be used for the same purposes as the hemp plant—it would just provide far less in terms of raw materials. That is because weed plants have been bred to express different characteristics—specifically, cannabinoid-rich flowers. However, assuming you want to enjoy all the compounds from a marijuana plant, don’t just smoke the buds and throw the rest away.

So cook the leaves and stems down into butter or perform extractions to harness all the good stuff! Hemp for CBD Now, where we place CBD on the hemp vs weed argument is a matter of contention. Legally, CBD-producing plants tend to fall into the hemp category. But in nearly all of their other characteristics, these plants are much more similar to marijuana.

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Can You Smoke Hemp? If you’re smoking hemp grown for the production of CBD flowers, then the experience will bear little difference to smoking recreational weed (except you won't get stoned). However, if you’re smoking hemp grown for its fibres, you might find it a little unpleasant. Moreover, you might struggle to find enough flowers to smoke in the first place! Where Does CBD Come In? To understand the relationship between CBD and hemp, we need to recognise once again that the word “hemp” can be applied to several distinct varieties of cannabis plants.

These days, some industrial hemp producers are extracting CBD from leftover material and marketing it as “CBD oil”. These products are generally considered to be of lower quality—with reduced concentrations, and higher risk of contamination—than CBD oil harvested from plants specifically grown for medicinal use. What’s The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil? If hemp is high in CBD, does that mean that hemp oil is CBD oil? It actually doesn't.

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Hemp oil doesn’t contain CBD, but it’s still special—it contains the golden 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, a combination that fights inflammation and helps build your brain. It’s also high in vitamin E, which has been shown to have anti-ageing properties. If you’re determined to have your hemp oil with some CBD, you can try CBD-infused hemp oil to combine multiple benefits of the cannabis plant.

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What Does The Hemp/cannabis Distinction Have To Do With Sex? Contrary to popular belief, hemp is not merely the male version of the marijuana plant. It’s cannabis bred specifically to have low THC levels. That being said, the male cannabis plant shares many characteristics with hemp, including low amounts of THC and other cannabinoids.

How Are Hemp vs Marijuana Varieties Chosen? These cultivars require different characteristics in order to successfully fulfil their desired functions. Cannabis grown to get users high won't provide much in the way of building materials, and hemp grown for building materials won't provide much in the way of psychoactive bud.

The characteristics producers look for are: Tall, with a lot of stem and fewer branches Ability to grow very close to one another Improved mood Physical relaxation Tall, with a lot of stem and fewer branches Ability to grow very close to one another Improved mood Physical relaxation For marijuana (and CBD plants), the desired characteristics are very different: High yields of flowers Faster growth Improved mood High yields of flowers Faster growth Improved mood So, although they are the same species, it’s clear that the desired characteristics result in very different plants.

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For those growing cannabis, pollination by a male hemp plant can more than halve the yield and strength of the final harvest. It is only the female cannabis plant that produces cannabinoid-rich flowers, and this is significantly reduced in plants that are fertilised. If a hemp crop is accidentally pollinated by cannabis plants, it’s likely the whole crop cannot be used.

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Cross-pollination can happen easily by accident, especially when plants are grown outdoors. Cannabis plants are wind pollinators mostly, meaning they release their pollen into the air, which are then carried wherever the wind may take it. This makes it hard to control. For commercial crops, there are steps that can be taken.

Likewise, barriers around crops, including other, taller plants, can play a big role in preventing pollen from one crop reaching another. But it can be as simple as one hobbyist grower’s plant pollinating out of an open window, and a whole crop could potentially be wasted. However, growing only feminized cannabis seeds is a good way to prevent this.